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In its professional practice, PILA Consultants is a client centred local firm with an international perspective and a truly unique consultancy concept in Organisational / Institutional Development and Human Resources Management with over 20 years’ experience.

PILA understands that in Africa, the problems of organisations and institutions centre on performance management, coordination and control. PILA have therefore developed a number of evidence based, locally and culturally sensitive solutions to these problems and have applied them in large, medium and small employing organisations in this country, the East African Community (EAC), Southern Sudan and Rwanda.

PILA has enjoyed a most productive and rewarding relationship with Makerere University Business School and Makerere University Department of Social and Organisational Psychology. Through these linkages PILA has gather systematic and sound feedback on the solutions they propose to their clients. For instance, 3 doctorates in Organisational Psychology, one in Human Resources over 70 MBA dissertations and 20 Masters of Organisational Psychology Dissertations have investigated the impact of PILA Interventions in such organisations as Uganda Revenue Authority, National Medical Stores, World Vision Uganda, CARE International in Uganda, Action AID, International Red Cross, and Wavah Broadcasting. Such relationship has ensured that PILA continues to provide evidence based solutions to the problems of its esteemed clients.


A Human Resources Function, Organisational Structure and Process Abie toMeet Performance Expectations in the Era of Globalisation.


Converting your Human Capital into Human Resources through Competencebased Management Interventions.

PILA's Client Centred Strategic Objectives

  • Creating and sharing a common understanding of reason for existence
  • Creating and sharing a common understanding of the direction to go
  • Agreeing on how to get there
  • Agreeing on the most effective way of getting results
  • Agreeing on the most effective way of measuring results
  • Linking inpidual and team effort to the reason for existence through selection, promotion and management of reward structures via open appraisal formats.

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