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Recruitment & Assessment

PILA's Recruitment & Assessment

PILA Consultants conducts job analysis studies for any job classification and occupation.

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Organisational Dev't

PILA's Organisational Development

PILA’s, Organisational/Institutional Development is a system-wide process of organisational participatory

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Training & Dev't

PILA's Training and Development

We create custom training programs and materials for organizations specific to their individual goals.

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In its professional practice, PILA Consultants is a client centred local firm with an international perspective and a truly unique consultancy concept in Organisational / Institutional Development and Human Resources Management with over 20 years’ experience.

With a solid research background, PILA is “boundary less” in terms of underlying theories with capacity and interest to learn from American as well as European theorists. It is from that experience over the years, that PILA has developed and continues to modify an eclectic approach to the unique management problems of the African practitioner and academic. The emerging model is currently referred to as Operant Competence and Capability Analysis and Profiling (OCCAP).PILA’s Agents of a Competitive & Productive Sociotechnical System (Based on Engestrom , 2008; Daniels et al, 2010 ; Cooperrider et al 2001 ; Rhodes et al 2011 ; McMillan, 2008 )


A Human Resources Function, Organisational Structure and Process Abie toMeet Performance Expectations in the Era of Globalisation.


Converting your Human Capital into Human Resources through Competencebased Management Interventions.

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